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Safety while travelling

Travel can be an exciting, eye opening experience. It is easy to get caught up in the thrill of adventure. But do not forget about travel security and safety considerations while you are abroad.

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Consider these tips:

Top 10 safest countries to visit in the world

  1. Iceland : With very low homicide rates, few people in jail and few terrorist events, Iceland scored 1.078.
  2. New Zealand : With very little internal conflict or violence, New Zealand scored 1.198 and ranked second
  3. Portugal : The Global Peace Index gave Lisbon a score of 1.247 owing to its safety.
  4. Austria : Austria earned a score of 1.275, with peaceful elections and low weapon imports.
  5. Denmark : Denmarks residents consider themselves happy and safe it has a score of 1.283.
  6. Canada : Canada scored 1.298 with friendly cities such as Montreal, ranking highly.
  7. Singapore : Singapore received a score of 1.321 due to low scores in domestic and international conflict, plus high levels of societal safety.
  8. Czech Republic : It scored 1.337 points because it doesn’t spend much on its military and has a low crime rate. It moved down one spot from the year before.
  9. Japan : Japan has a score of 1.36 on the peace index because it has a low homicide rate and its citizens can not get their hands on weapons, plus transport is good, particularly its high speed trains. It has moved up two places from 2019.
  10. Switzerland : It scored 1.366 points because it has a low crime rate.

Safe places for woman to travel alone

There are many aspects when it comes to determining how safe a country is for women. Surveys, polls, and reports use extensive checklists that cover as much of the societal, economic, political, and religious categories. From education and labor opportunities to confidence in walking alone at night, the checklists account for a wide range of circumstances, situations, and statuses. These countries have emerged as the safest countries for women to travel to and live in. From culture to attitudes, the mindset of these places are as beautiful as their environs, so you can go without worry and embrace your identity even in a foreign land. Reports have indicated that Spain is the safest country for women to travel alone, based on Asher and Lyrics statistical analysis of street safety, legal discrimination, and attitudes of violence against women. Buoyed by a majority of cabinet seats occupied by women, the country is working towards neutralizing gender parity. Switzerland, the alpine vistas, chocolate treats and stunning landscapes of the Swiss nation have garnered a reputation as being one of the safest countries on Earth. Its ardent democratic political systems bestow more power to the citizen than a representative democracy, and it’s worked out quite effectively. Low crime rates are indicated even in the more remote regions, a reassuring knowledge as you plan your itinerary. Denmark, the policies of this Nordic country make it stand out as a progressive leader. Safe not just for women, but also in general, earnings related childcare systems and flexible parental leave policies are some of the actions taken in conjunction with promoting gender equality.

Australia, priding itself as an all encompassing tourist destination, the Land Down Under promises wonderful experiences whether you are an urbanite or looking to go off the beaten path. The costs of a trip here can be a little steep with the high standards of living. But the streets and people are generally hospitable and friendly, offering you genuine help and hospitality. Away from the cities, Australias countryside is a thrilling voyage. But, the further out into the Outback you go, the more precariously you are placing yourself into Mother Nature’s hands. So, it is good to be aware of your safety. Singapore, having developed a well earned reputation for being one of the worlds safest and most peaceful countries, this tiny red dot in Southeast Asia is accessible, easy and vibrant. Packed with culture, entertainment and delicious food, it is a great choice if you are embarking on your first solo adventure. So high is the standard of safety for women here, you can walk the streets at night without fear of being harassed. Another great thing is, with extensive and understandable signs and safe streets down to the alleyways, you do not necessarily need a guide to take you exploring. Discover this fascinating city on your own, and have experiences unlike anyone else.

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