My Life in Quarantine

Making the Most of 2020


This page is all about my quarintine routine. The first month or so I had no routine and my mood and sleep pattern worsened significanlty. I came across a video on YouTube that helped me re-srtucuture my day and make use of all my free time.

Health Benefits

Routine and Self Care

Self-care is something that is learnt and it learnt by getting to know yourself. Part of getting to know yourself is checking in with yourself on a regular daily bases both your thoughts and your emotions and can help you find what's best for you in your daily routine.Personally, it took me a few eeks to figure out what I actually needed as I had to unlearn a lot of things I learned through social media that weren't applicable to me (I'm not wealthy). It's important to figure out what *YOU* want to do and what is beneficial and achievable with your current lifestyle.

Here are four simple steps to create your own self-care plan:

  1. Evaluate your coping skill.s
  2. Identify your daily self-care needs.
  3. Reflect. Examine. Replace.
  4. Create your self-care plan.

My Routine

Morning (8-12)

  1. Breakfast
  2. Personal Care (Shower, Brush Teeth, Moisturise)
  3. Respond to Messages
  4. Make Bed
  5. Plan Day

Noon (12-5)

  1. Lunch
  2. Exercise (Walk, weightlifting, yoga)
  3. Text/Call a friend
  4. Nap
  5. Tidy Up

Night (5-10)

  1. Dinner
  2. Read (52 Books in 52 Weeks)
  3. Netflix Party or College Work
  4. Video Games or TV Show
  5. Meditate

Importance of Self Care

Self-care requires action and routine requires commitment and practice. By taking an action you are showing yourself you are worth the effort. So, you need to take an action in your life to get to know yourself getting to know what you like to do, what are your hobbies , do you like to meet friend socialise, do you like to be alone, do you like to go horse riding, playing sports do you like to read. Remember with self-care it evolves as you evolve. They both can help keep yourself grounded and sane through these unpredictable times.