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My Mindfulness Routine

I like to make sure that my days are filled with moments of peace and mindfulness. There is no true "routine" to mindfulness, and no correct way to do it. I don't always fit all of these things into my day. Sometimes I do less, sometimes I do more, and sometimes I do none of them and that's okay! I feel at my best when these small actions are a part of my day. It's so important that we be kind to ourselves and allow ourselves to enjoy moments of peace, even when we are not at our best. So here are the little things I do every day to keep myself feeling calm and in control


    a breakfast spread with coffee, blueberries, and pancales

  • To start my mornings on a positive note, I try not to reach for my phone immedietely. That was a tough habit to break!
  • As soon as I wake, I like to lie in bed and notice my body and surroundings. How do I feel today? What was my first thought today? What can I see, hear, smell or feel around me?
  • My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, So I like to make sure I enjoy it. I like to make my daily bowl of porridge, topped with berries, seeds, peanut butter and dark chocolate. Every morning I enjoy a mug of green tea with my oats. I leave my phone in my room while I eat, so I can savour the warmth and flavour of my meal.
  • At the weekend, or when I have a day free from college work, I like to read for a while after breakfast. If I have a busy day ahead of me, I tidy my workspace before beginning my tasks for the day. A clean space helps me to feel more motivated and organised.


    A person strolling through grass, only their legs are visible

  • When the weather is on my side, I like to walk in my local park. Sometimes I listen to a podcast, or sometimes I simply take in the sights, sounds and smells of the nature around me. After my walk I feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • I usually start to feel sleepy in the afternoon. I like to have another mug or two of green tea to give me a gentle energy boost. Many people enjoy coffee at this time of day, but coffee is often too strong for me and makes me jittery and unfocused! However I still do enjoy a mug of coffee from time to time when I am in the mood for one.I like to drink my tea while listeing to my favourite music, or watching a relaxing Youtube video to temporarily take my mind off the work I will soon have to go back to.


    three journals stacked in a pile on a desk next to some pens

  • I aim to complete my tasks for the day by 7pm, so that I can relax for a few hours before bed. This gives me time to unwind and get my mind and body ready to sleep
  • I like to drink a mug or two of calming chamomile tea to help me sleep better.
  • I spend some time catching up with my friends.
  • I change into my comfiest pyjamas, get comfortable in bed, and read some more or write in my journal to give my eyes a break from any screens.
  • When I'm done reading, I turn my lamps off and listen to music or a podcast until I am ready to go to sleep.