Hey there, nice to meet you!

my name is Katharina Moosburger, I‘m 22 Years old and from Southern Germany. I‘m currently in my sixth semester, studying communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. In 2016 I archieved my A-levels at the Gymnasium Ochsenhausen near to Memmingen. After twelve long years full of school I moved for one year to England to improve my english skills and expirence the British culture and mentality. I stayed with a nice family in Stantsted Mounfitched, Essex, for whom I worked as an Au Pair. After my year abroad I worked on my portfolio to apply at different universities to study communication design. In addition, I took two jobs at home so I could afford moving to Mainz and start my studies. In March 2018, I finally started as a freshman and i did never regret my desicion since.

Let me show you some of my work