Recommended if you like: Jeremy Zucker, EDEN & Keshi

Sam is a singer/songwriter/producer from North Dublin making music in his bedroom that you can listen to while lying on the floor and staring at your ceiling at 3am.


Recommended if you like: KHAI DREAMS, Nat King Cole & 夢みるドブネズミ

Railo is a singer/songwriter/producer from Dublin. Listen to his music on a Sunday morning drinking a coffee while dancing in your kitchen with your dog.


Recommended if you like: EDEN, Joji & bearface

Harry is a songwriter/producer & resident goodlooking fella from North Dublin. His music is perfect for crying over girls that forget you exist while you stalk their insta.


Recommended if you like: Raveena, UMI & Jorja Smith

Chlöe is a singer/songwriter from Galway. If you ask yourself, 'why did I say that?' at least once a day, her music is for you.